3047 Campaign:

The people of Rio have become uneasy with the union of the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth. Roland Jackson, commander of Rio's militia forces, has forcefully taken control and has declared that Rio has broken off from the AFFC under the new banner of the RIO CONFEDERATE FORCES. House Liao has jumped at the opportunity to enflame the the confederate movement by sending weapons and money to bolster the RCF 'mech stables. However, they do not send their own military for fear of getting directly involved in a war with the AFFC. 


The AFFC has put out a contract to disable and destroy the RCF heavy military assets. They are overcommitted and can't afford to dispatch battlemechs to deal with a backwater police action. The Aces Wild have accepted the contract. It pays well, but all salvage will go to the AFFC to help rebuild once the RCF has been defeated. The Aces Wild must disable or destroy all RCF 'mechs so AFFC peacekeepers can safely land and regain control of Rio. 


River Lance, you will be deployed to Rio's Moon to scout the mining facility and eliminate any threats you may come across. Kicker Lance, you will land on Rio and secure our landing facility. Resistance at the landing site should be little to non-existent but you never know. See the mission documents "MISSION ONE" tab for detailed information. 

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When first settled, Rio was a beautiful world covered in scenic valleys. With little to export, the world instead became known as a prime vacation spot, artists colony, and tri-vid production planet. After the fall of the first Star League, Rio was contested by several factions. Initially annexed by the Federated Suns, Rio was conquered as part of a small-scale Capellan Confederation military operation launched in early 2787; in addition to capturing Rio, by August 2787 the CCAF had also captured two other former Hegemony worlds that had been annexed by the Federated Suns, Angol and Tybalt.




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