Events and awards will be updated on this page as more information becomes available. 

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Event sponsored by the Atlas Hunters! 


     The objective of this sub-event is simple! Kill an Atlas, take a screen shot while doing it, and post it to this thread on the Merc Madness Forums. Out of the confirmed Atlas kill screen shots posted, one will be selected randomly and the poster of the screen shot will win a prize!

Top Gun Challenge

Event sponsored by the Aces Wild! 


     Do you have what it takes? Post your top score to this thread. Whoever posts the screen shot with the highest amount of kills (and damage if a tie occures) wins! 


 (Click here to go to Top Gun Forum Thread)

Solaris Style Matches

Event sponsored by the Aces Wild! 


     Calling all Pilots! Three qualification matches for each weight class will run from 8 to 10:30pm EST. The winners of each qualification match will be invited to play in a grand championship match consisting of all weight classes that will be held at 11pm EST. Qualification matches for each weight class will start as soon as we have 12 players (per match) or every 45 minutes; which ever comes first. The winner of each qualification match will win a small prize. The top three placers in the Grand Championship will win larger prizes. (Prizes TBA.) Event is first come, first serve. 

 (Click here to learn more and see rules)

8v8 Mixed team bracket

Event sponsored by 


     Register your team for a chance to play in a mixed eight team, single elimination bracket! Get a team togehter quick before open slots run out! Members of the winning team will all take home prizes! (Prizes TBA.)



(Bracket Standings)



Mixed Dropping

Event sponsored by the Aces Wild, and tba!


     The main event of the night! This is what it's all about, Mechwarriors. Hop on, sign in for random prizes, and meet some new people while piloting a 'mech. This whole thing is about units interacting and getting to make new contacts with other units. The teamspeak will have lots of channels for people to drop in and mix it up while pugging. Hourly prizes will be awarded based off the sign-in list. (Prizes TBA.) 


(Link to the sign-in sheet will be available the night of the event.)


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