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Here's what people had to say about the last Merc Madness event we put on....


"It was awesome, at least in the channels i was in, the general mood was great (as if every one was already half cut from the start hehe). Managed to stay up until 5am, by then english was not really a 2nd language anymore but more of a distant memory, so i did my best to deliver my thanks and goodbyes and retired myself  and just in case the message didnt came across at 5am... Thank you, it was very enjoyable, anyone up for an encore???" 

TJCSkynet, Robinson Ranger Brigade



"Awesome job last night gentleman. Had an absolute blast with all of you. Great event and I look forward to see you all on the field! Salute from the Templars! 07" 

Von Blumen, Templars



"I can honestly say that the event put a smile on face. The people we had there could not have been any better, made quite a few friends last night too. I definitely hope to see you all again on the battlefield, if any of you all want a 12v12 let me know we'll get something setup for you. Great games folks!" 

Saxie, Templars




"I attended the event as a relatively new member searching for units. Joined up with a mixed group with members of the Aces, Hunters, Templars, and Blue Star, along with some random members from other units. Had a blast & now have a few units to check out. Many thanks to Not Bob and company for great gameplay and many humorous moments!" 

Knightwolf47, Lone Wolf



"What a great event! So many new friends, I cannot wait to see if this event is something that can be revisited in the near future!" 

Slicknifty, Aces Wild


"Last time, we had 339 people sign in. (View Sign in sheet) It was estimated that about 10% of the people who came didn't sign in - meaning we had a LOT of people show up. I've been getting a lot of requests to do another and you guys know me - I don't do anything again unless it's bigger and better. Those who attended the first Merc Madness! event had nothing but rave reviews for it everywhere we looked. People loved it and I think we owe it to the community to do it again." 

Black Phoenix, Lead Event Organizer




The Aces Wild

     The Aces Wild are the hosting unit of Merc Madness. They have contributed their teamspeak, manpower, website, and lots of prizes to make this event work.



The Atlas Hunters

     The Atlas Hunters have contributed prize money and awards as well as administrative support to this event.  

Designed by Black Phoenix, Calon Farstar, and the Aces Wild.
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