Fort Carter


May 12th, 3049

Smoke rose from the end of a snuffed-out cigarette butt sitting on the edge of an ashtray on the holovid table. Blue and gold light rays shot through the smoke as it dissipated into the darkness of the dimly lit room. 


“Something big just showed up on our

scanner’s, Sir.” The radar tech casually

stated as she glared at his control console. 


Major Carl Rhodes kicked his legs off the

desk he was leaning on and sat upright in

his chair. “What direction is it headed?” 


The Aces Wild, a mercenary company

gone paramilitary for the Outworlds

Alliance was charged with the defense of

several boarder planets that stood between the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine territories. The OWA is a periphery state that deals with mostly agricultural trade. Most of their military equipment is broken or outdated and could never stand up to more than a bandit force. They gifted the Aces Wild parliamentary control over the planet of Alegro in exchange for a 20 year protection contract after building relations for the last decade. Fort O’Neill, the Aces Wild home base of operations sat prominently near the planets capitol city. Their secondary base, Fort Carter, was located on the other side of the world in a remote area. They used the base for training operations but the base rarely had more than a few military-sized companies garrisoned at any point in time. 


The radar tech began her report in the standard icy professionalism the Aces were beginning to get used to in their new role. “Infrared detectors have picked up turbulence indicating imminent contact, Sir. It’s heading right for us.” 


“Bring up the video link from our satellites, Sergeant.” He barked at the radar tech. 


The radar tech plied her keyboard. She was young, just out of the Alegro Academy and freshly assigned to her post at Fort Carter. The giant screen that dominated the room became illuminated with stars. To Major Rhodes eye it was a reassuring sight; he was familiar with the constellations of Alegro. He’d be staring at them for year’s with his time in the Aces Wild. But his face sank as a new star appeared. It brightened perceptibly and grew in size. Nothing sinister here yet, it could be an unannounced merchant ship. These hillbillies have pulled stranger things. He thought to himself. But his gut said otherwise. 


“We’re getting continual emergence and smaller thermal signatures, Major.” Said the radar technician. Her voice began to lose the stark professional monotone she had carried before. 


In Carl’s career, multiple signatures were rare. He could recall only one or at most two circumstances in which he had observed more than one vessel on approach to a small, backwater planet like Alegro. He hated surprises. 


“Bring up the visual gain please, Sergeant.” Several Mechwarriors from his company, Echo Company, strolled into room. They were cheery from their recent training mission. But that was hours ago, and knowing the Aces, they had made a detour to ‘loosen up’ before their debriefing. Their casual banter ceased with a single glare from the Major. 


The holovid screen began to blur in and out until the focus met the approaching vessel. 


“Well what the flying f*** is that?” Exclaimed one of the mechwarriors. 


“An Overlord class drop ship.” The major said flatly and hushed. 


“The Dracs?” Somebody hissed in the back of the dark room. 


Major Carl Rhodes stared, stunned and wordless. He himself had no idea who to alert first. The overlord was a massive drop ship that could carry an entire battalion of battlemechs. What was it doing all the way out here? He knew whoever it was, they had come with deadly intention as he watched aerospace fighters dance around the colossal ship in a vortex. The satellite had finally finished focusing and the side of the Overlord revealed a giant red circle with the emblem of a dragon in it. It was in fact the Draconis Combine, and they have come to breath fire to the Outworlds Alliance.  


Functional Objective Zones / Units

A functional objective is any zone or unit marked with "OBJ" inside of it. Functional objective zones enable some kind of ability that is determined for that campaign. Objective Units operate as any other unit within the game and must be captured, destroyed, or delivered to a location determined by the campaign. 

To capture a Functional Objective Zone, a lance must stay inside that zone for 2 full campaign days.

Standard Objective Zone

A standard objective zone will represent a zone that must be captured or destroyed. These zones have no functionality and are just part of the mission. These objectives will be marked with a "OBJ" but have no additional information. 

To capture a Standard Objective Zone, a lance must stay inside that zone for 3 full campaign days.

Functional Zone

A functional zone is used to assist lances or assist other units. Functional zones may enable some kind of ability that is determined for that campaign. 

To capture a Functional Zone, a lance must stay inside that zone for 1 full campaign day.

Examples of Functional Zones:

Dropship Pad

Designed to refuel and rearm a Leopard Class Dropship. If this zone is captured it may be used by the capturing team if they have a Leopard Dropship. If it is captured and the capturing team does not have a Leopard, it will be destroyed along with the enemy teams Leopard Class Dropship. If the Leopard Dropship is loaded with units at the time of this zone being captured, it may stay in-play until the lance is deployed. 


Designed to refuel and rearm Aerospace Fighter Squadrons. These zones may be captured by either Force. The Force that holds the zone may use it for their own Aerospace Fighter units. If all of one team's Airstrips are captured, their Aerospace Fighter Squadrons will be destroyed upon completing their attack. 

Fuel Station

Teams that own a Fuel Station will receive a +2 unit movement bonus. This applies to all operating units except 'Mech Lances. 

Mobile Repair Unit (MRU)

Mobile Repair Vehicles are used to repair lances. This unit must occupy the same zone as the lance that must be repaired to function. Mobile Repair Vehicles will repair 1 Battlemech per campaign day. The repair begins on that teams "UNIT ACTION" turn and is completed on the following campaign day's "UNIT ACTION" turn. Mobile Repair Vehicles have a 4 zone movement. You can move and begin a repair within the same "UNIT ACTION" during a campaign day.

An enemy lance may capture your Mobile Repair Vehicles if they occupy the same zone or occupy any adjacent zones during their "MOVE" phase.

Aerospace Fighter Squadron (AFS)

Aerospace units are used to attack lances and other AFS units. This unit must occupy the same zone as the lance that it will attack to function. Once this unit shares a zone with an enemy lance, it can destroy one Battlemech at random. It must rearm and refuel to make another attack. All actions take place in the "UNIT ACTION" phase of your team. Aerospace Fighters have a movement range of 7 zones per campaign day. They can move one time and attack within the same day. Aerospace fighters may not remain stationary unless they are landed at a Airstrip or other AFS receiving zone. Aerospace Fighters can only be destroyed by having no place to refuel and rearm after an attack or by an enemy Aerospace Fighter Squadron. 

Leopard Class Dropship

The Leopard Class Dropship can move a lance across the battlefield. To load, a lance must occupy the Dropship Pad along with the Leopard. You can mount a lance and move the Leopard within the same campaign day. The Leopard can Mount/Dismount a Lance and make 1 movement per campaign day. The Leopard Class Dropship has a movement of 12 zones in 1 campaign day. 

Battlemech Lance

The primary unit of the game. These are 'Mech lances that contain up to 4 Battlemechs. 

Lance Type Indicators designate the lances make-up and movement speed. 

BL: Battleline, 3 zone movement 

S: Support, 3 zone movement

R: Recon, 4 zone movement

Bandit Forces or lances with "unknown" characteristics:

H: Heavy Unit, Contains Assault and Heavy 'Mechs, 3 zone movement

M: Medium Unit, Contains Heavy and Medium 'Mechs, 3 zone movement

L: Light Unit, Contains Medium and Light 'Mechs, 4 zone movement. 

When counting movement, you begin with the zone the unit occupies and then count each additional zone after it. Water or obstructive zones penalize movement by 1. This means that when the unit comes into contact with that zone, it must be counted twice. Airborne units are not penalized by these zones. If a unit cannot complete it's movement count within a zone that has obstructive terrain, the move is not permitted.


See examples below:

In order to initiate an attack on a lance with your own lance, you must be able to move into that zone. When you initiate an attack, your lance will stop 1 hex short adjacent to the defending enemy lance. If you win the attack, you move to that zone. If you lose, you retreat to the zone you initiated the attack from. If the enemy lance retreats, the will retreat to a zone adjacent to their current position of their choice. If the enemy lance being attacked is surrounded, the are not permitted to retreat. 

Multiple lances may attack a single enemy lance from adjacent hex zones. Only 1 lance is allowed per zone. This means that no team may stack multiple lances in the same zone during movement or attack phases. 

When multiple lances attack, the order of battle goes from highest tonnage unit to lowest. If the first lance that attacks is unsuccessful, they must retreat or be destroyed. Which ever attacking lance is successful in destroying or forcing the enemy lance to retreat wins the zone and any following attacks are canceled. 

If an enemy lances engages in an attack on your lance, you have the option to retreat instead of play the match. you must retreat in the opposite direction that the attack occurred. If you cannot retreat in the opposite direction due to an obstruction or map boarders, you must play out the attack with no option to retreat. No lance may retreat more than 2 times in a row.