Setup List

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     Welcome, new Cadet, to the Aces Wild! The list below contains the basic things you need to do to set yourself up with the unit. You should know that if your application has been approved that you sumbitted through the Enlistment Office, you've been given probationary access permissions to our website and forums. You've also been given the

rank of Cadet (CDT.) and been assigned to the Alegro Guard which is our training company. The AG is there for

you to learn what we are all about and to help you with MW:O  in anyway you need while you serve out your probationary period to become a full member of the Aces Wild. If you are allowed to become a full member,

you will be promoted to the rank of Junior Mechwarrior (JMW.), given full access to the website, and be

assigned to a combat company within the Aces Wild. It is very important that you are active with the unit while

you serve in the Alegro Guard so you can get to know each company and see where it is you would like to go.

You have most of the say in where it is you are assigned. We don't assign you to a specific company unless there

is some kind of situation that warrents it. Thank you for choosing the Aces Wild. Please feel free to contact any of our officers if you have any questions. Remember, the Alegro Guard Command Staff is here to assist you - make good use of them! 

Setup List


Teamspeak Name

We require that all of our members follow the same format for making their TS nickname. It should be setup as follows:  Firstname "MWO Callsign" Lastname  Please note that the first and last name do not have to be your real name. They can be made up but must be realistic names.

Teamspeak Address:   Password: Aceshigh


Roster Name

Add your first and last name to the website roster located HERE. Find your account name on the list and hover over the empty box near it. Click the edit button that appears and input the name there.


Begin to Communicate

As a Cadet in the Aces Wild, it is very important that you get on teamspeak with the unit and play. This allows us to get to know you and for you to figure out which company you want to join once your probationary period is over. 



Between this website, and the Alegro Guard command staff, there is a wealth of information about the unit and about the game in general that can be shared. The Aces Wild take pride in their unit's history and camaraderie. Make sure you give yourself the same experiance we all share. 


Attend Drop Nights

Each company in the Aces wild have nights where they all get together and practice. We call them drill nights or drop nights. Cadets are almost always welcome into these drop nights and it is the best way to get to know the play style and attitude of each company. Information on when drop nights are can be found on the events page.