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Commanding Officer:

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Following the establishment of the Aces Wild as defenders of Alegro in 3046, it was deemed necessary to create a type of local militia to serve in the Aces' absence. Thus, the Alegro Guard was formed. With 13 planets in the Outworlds Alliance to protect, our mercenary unit relies heavily on the skill and bravery of these young men and women to bolster the defense of our home world.


Commanded by the AUXCOM/Phoenix Guard Staff, the Alegro Guard (AG) serves a dual purpose- One, to defend Alegro in Aces Wild absence or to support in case of pirate incursion or Kuritan invasion. Two, to house the Aces Wild's first cadet training academy to bring up the next generation of 'MechWarriors.


These junior pilots are our legacy, as well as our future.

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