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Updated: 8-Jan-2024 By: LTC Tam Barlas

Code of conduct: 

PGI's MWO Code of Conduct is always in effect by default.

Respect all unit members and other players we drop with at all times. No discriminatory or abusive comments or actions will be tolerated in chat channels, voice comms, or posted material.  This includes but is not limited to the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation, nation of origin, or religion. Also as a rule we request all persons on our
 text channels, or voice channels to refrain from discussions of political, religious, or controversial natures. We are here to play together despite our differences and have a good time.  Any infractions should be communicated through your chain of command. Ultimately, the Command Group will review and take necessary action.


Excessive foul language or inappropriate terminology will not be tolerated. Highest ranking personnel in channel has discretion for any situation that arises. The Website and Discord server are our home, treat them as such. Do not post inappropriate material on the site or in public chats as not everybody wants to see that kinda stuff. If you have to ask it's probably not appropriate, but if you have a question ask one of the command staff. If there is a conflict between anyone in the unit they should bring it to their chain of command. If it needs to be brought higher it can be. The Colonel or the XO will have the final word if necessary. If anyone is caught hacking our site, anyone else's site or any portion of the game they will be summarily removed from the unit, and given a dishonorable discharge. This also goes for any cheating of the game. Anything not approved by PGI is cheating, for example 3rd party programs.


Officers are expected to exemplify the AW code of conduct at all times, including while playing MWO, on our or other voice servers, or while playing in other games if it becomes known you are a member of AW. When you get promoted and have rank here you represent the unit on a much more profound level, no matter where you are. Please act accordingly. Infractions or behavior un-becoming an AW officer can result in demotion or discharge. All officer behavior issues should be taken to the CG and they will determine the appropriate response/action.

Breaking the Code of Conduct can result in being demoted or discharged from the unit, or banning from the server for guests and members of other units. Any instance will be handled on a case by case basis. The Regimental CO and XO have final say.


Unit structure:

1 Command Group (CG) - Unit Headquarters:

1 Colonel (COL) -- Regimental Commander (RCO), overall responsible/in charge of Unit 
1 Colonel (COL) -- Regimental Executive Officer (RXO), 2nd in command responsible/in charge of Unit
3 LTC -- Battalion Commanders (BnCO), in charge of individual Battalions
1 LTC -- Auxiliary Component Comm
anding officer, manages cadets, reserves, and Retired Personnel

3 Battalions (Bn):

9 Majors (MAJ) -- Company Commander (CoCO), responsible for assigned Company, 1st Lance Leader
9 Captains (CPT) -- Company Executive Officer (CoXO), 2nd in command, 2nd Lance Leader
9 Lieutenants (LT) -- 3rd in Company Command, 3rd Lance Leader
9 First Sergeants (1SGT) -- Senior non-commissioned officer (NCO)/Enlisted 4th in Command, 4th Lance Leader
36 Sergeants (SGT) -- Lance 2nd in command 1 for each lance
Senior Mech Warriors (SMW) -- Pilot with >180 days of time in service with unit
Mech Warriors (MW) -- Pilot with >90 days of time in service with unit
Junior Mech Warriors (JMW) -- Pilot with >30 days of time in service with unit

9 Reinforced Companies, 3 in each Battalion
4 Lances of 4 personnel in each Company
Each lance has an Officer as lance lead and 1 SGT as lance second in command (1SGT counts as officer for this purpose)
The rest of each lance is filled out with enlisted SMW, MW, or JMW


1 Auxiliary Component (AUXCOM):
Cadets (CDT) -- New members of AW, under trial period and then awaiting their first company assignment

Alegro Guard -- Training Academy, consists of Cadets (new applicants to AW)

Phoenix Guard -- The Phoenix Guard was created as COL Black Phoenix's personal guard lance. After his retirement a need for leadership of AUXCOM was identified and the Phoenix Guard became the command staff in charge of the Alegro Guard and the Aces Wild Reserves and Retired Components. Run like a company the Phoenix Guard has a Major as CO, Captain as XO, and LT Staff Officer. Enlisted Members may make up the Phoenix Guard as necessary and directed by AW

Retired -- Members that are no longer playing MWO but maintain ties with the unit. If you are found to be playing in another MWO unit while in retired status you will be discharged from the unit fully; see Multi-unit rule. Retired members are not eligible to be in the in-game roster, but will be retained on the Retired Roster if they have made rank of 1SGT or higher. Returning Retired Members will rejoin the unit at either the rank they left the unit for JMW-MW or SMW rank if they achieved that rank or higher. Upon return they can work towards higher positions as they are available.  

Reserves --Personnel that required a long LOA but intend to return to the Unit.  After one year reserve personnel will be discharged or retired.  If you are in Reserves and found to be in another MWO unit you will be discharged; see multi-unit rule. Eligible to retain AW tags in game and can return to active duty at any time either at the SMW rank or at a rank determined by the CG or a Company Commander.

multi-unit/multi clan rule:
It is AW policy that you cannot be in another MWO unit while a member of AW. This causes a conflict of interest and it is not allowed. Everyone was asked when they joined if they were in another unit in their application for this reason. If you are found to be in another unit while in AW you will be given the option of leaving that unit or AW. If you do not choose then you will be discharged from AW. The only exemption of this rule is if a pilot has an alternate account and created a unit that they are the only member of so they can get faction points. That is it.

JMW to MW to SMW are time based promotions and are given automatically. The CoCO or CoXO are responsible for making sure all their personnel are given the rank they deserve at the appropriate time on both the official and in game unit rosters. They may give this duty to their Junior Officers and lance leaders as they deem appropriate.

SGT and above are merit based promotions and should be given to those personnel that have shown leadership potential and that are willing to shoulder more responsibility. SGT to Captain are promotions given by the Major of each Company, who have the final word who can fill the officer position in a company. SGT, 1SGT, LT and CPT must have at least 90 days in the unit before being selected.

Majors are picked by the Battalion Commanders or by Regimental CO/XO and must have at least 180 days in service. LTCs are decided on by the Regimental CO/XO, and must have at least 180 days in service.

- CDT, 0 Days
- JMW, Received after 30 days, eligible to join a company (May be fast tracked at 15 days with CG approval).
- MW, Received after 90 days.
- SMW, Received after 180 days.

SGT Rank and above attainable by Promotion only
- SGT, Chosen by Company CO (must have at least 90 days of service)
- 1SGT, Chosen by Company CO (must have at least 90 days of service)
- LT, Chosen by Company CO (must have at least 90 days of service)
- CPT, Chosen by Company CO (must have at least 90 days of service)
- MAJ, Chosen by Battalion Commanders with CG approval (must have at least 180 days of service)
- LTC, Chosen by CG (must have at least 180 days of service)

Time in service exceptions may be made by CG based up on familiarity with a pilot or extenuating circumstances. 


When a person is recruited or wants to join the Aces Wild they must fill out an application. If their application is accepted they will become a CDT. A welcome letter will be sent to them explaining what they need to know during their probation period (30 days). There will be a list of questions they must answer along with the welcome letter. Applicants must be 18+ years old, or have an adult family member already in the unit.


Cadet probationary period:
Once an application is accepted a cadet's probationary period will begin.  Probationary Status lasts 30 days. They will be promoted to JMW and eligible to join a company and at this point they will receive an in game invite and "AW" tags. The unit coffers (cbills) will be used to pay the recruitment costs (donations to cover your cost to enter the unit are graciously accepted - donate to the unit coffers in-game).

They have 30 days from their probation end date to gain placement in a company. It is their responsibility to obtain placement and failure to do so can result in their removal from the active cadet roster (after which if they want to return they will have to start the cadet period over again if they ever re-apply). Once you are placed into their company they will leave the Alegro Guard.

CDTs are eligible for a Fast Track Request (FTR) after 15 days. FTRs can only be initiated by Majors and Captains and must have approval from one of the Alegro Guard Command Staff and either the Regimental XO or the Regimental CO. FTRs are reserved for extremely active cadets who show EXCEPTIONAL promise and should be brought into the unit sooner rather than later. This should be the exception not the rule.

Activity Requirements:
All personnel are responsible for meeting the following Unit Activity requirements. The officers of each company will be responsible for keeping attendance. If they notice a pilot has been gone longer than 2 weeks without a Leave of Absence (LOA) or communication they will be listed as AWOL. Being in AWOL Status for 30 days can result in your removal from the unit. Your CoCO/XO or BnCO may try to contact you in an effort to notify you of your AWOL status but it is not a requirement and may not stop you from being discharged. Once a company command has determined someone to be AWOL they will be moved to Alegro Guard until CG approves the discharge.

All personnel are required to make 1 drop night a week for the company they are in. CDTs and Phoenix Guard can drop with any company during the week to meet this requirement. If you are not making the company drops the CoCO/XO or one of the other officers/NCOs will attempt to contact you. If unable to then the BnCO will be notified and you can be discharged from the unit. If unable to meet any of the above requirements then a Leave of Absence (LOA) needs to be posted in either the Company discord channel for short term, 1 week or to the MAJ and LTC for long term, more than 1 week. IF YOU ARE LOA YOU ARE NOT AWOL. If more time is needed then a move to reserves is recommended. If a pilot is discharged for being AWOL they are eligible to return but will lose all rank and position within their old company. They will have to start out as a JMW, but won't have to wait the 30 day probationary period. A move to reserves will hold rank at JMW but not company position.


Discharge Statuses:

  • Honorable: Will be given an Honorable discharge if notification is given on intent to leave the unit for whatever reason. Eligible to return

  • General: Will be given to any personnel that AWOL out for not meeting activity requirements. Eligible to return

  • Dishonorable: Will be given for anyone that is discharged for breaking the Code of Conduct, or for multi-unit/multi-clanning or any other infraction deemed bad enough by the Command Staff. Can only return with CG approval.



Demotions can be given as a form of discipline if cause is shown. It is the responsibility of the CoCO, CoXO and/or the Battalion commander to determine if cause is shown and a demotion is appropriate. Demotions can also be given if requested by the rank holder due to RL constraints or if unhappy with position.


inter-company transfers:
Transfers from one company to another can be done for many reasons which may include, but not be limited to:

  • A person is having real life issues that interfere with their ability to make Company Drops and the company they want to transfer to meets at a time/day they can make

  • A personality conflict or other conflict that the Command staff feels can be fixed by removing one member and said member is willing to move

  • A company opens with a better drop time or if the personality of a pilot meshes better with another company

  • A pilot is offered a position in another company that would be a promotion

  • Other reasons on a case by case basis.

All transfers have to be agreed upon by both Company Commanders and the Respective Battalion Commander(s). Other members of CG can act in the stead of the Battalion Commanders as needed. No transfer can be made until both Company Commanders are in agreement. If a company transfer takes place it is the receiving company's CO/XO's responsibility to make sure all appropriate rank changes and admin work is done.


Name Changes:

If you change your in game name with PGI please let CG know so we can update the websites and discord to match. We request that you do not do this frequently.

Aces wild official operations (aceops) and competitive matches:

ACEOPS are any matches that occur outside of our own Unit, i.e. World Championships, Leagues, Scrims with other Units, Exhibition games etc. All ACEOPS need to be approved by CG when the participating team will be representing AW and its companies publicly.  This includes submitting AW / company / lance decals or other artwork to the ACEOPS organizers for the event documentation.

ACEOP drops are tracked and combat badges are awarded for completing them. If more than one drop occurs during a ACEOP, the overall ACEOP counts as 1 toward the badge, not every drop. Major events or leagues may have a service pin as well such as Blood League, Battle for Midway, ISC, etc. This is in contrast to other Aces Wild internal matches such as inter-company scrims, tournaments, Alegro Arena, or Role Play games. These will be awarded with their own service pins.


Aces Wild Official Colors and Decals:

Aces Wild official Colors are black, yellow, and white.  We use the Abel's Aces Logo in MWO as a proxy for own logo. There is some lore behind this too which can be found in the unit history under the information hub tab.  It is highly encouraged to add the company, lance, and position over the battalion suit of cards logo if you have the resources to do so.  See below for some examples.  These colors and unit insignias are not mandatory but they are highly encouraged to increase and spread unit Esprit De Corps.

AW-generated artwork can be used freely by current and former AW members within AW communication tools (Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc.).  CG permission is required for use elsewhere.

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