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Commanding Officer:
Major Axel Inferno

Executive Officer:

Captain Davik

Play style: Casual

Competitive Level: Medium

Role Play Oriented: Medium

FW Involvement: none

Drop Nights: Tuesdays 10pm, Friday 1159pm EST


Alpha Company first started as a laid-back group of drinkers who stumbled into public matches and somehow won the majority of them. We have taken this tradition and turned it into a ritual. Expect fun and drinks to be had, but, at the same time, know that on a whim, we may call for a more tact approach to the level of game play. With that said, the leadership in our company has a vast knowledge of mechs and builds and can adjust to most engagements on the fly. Our guys will always take a minute to help with these builds, tactics, when asked. Alpha is most known for its "Vanguard," which boasts a winning record against heavier lances. In Alpha, our lances are formed based off of predetermined sets of roles, including - fire support, brawling, and scouting. The purpose of this is to get players into their respective lances to make for devastating lance on lance play. Also, players within Alpha can expect a casual level of competitiveness, but are never known to back down from a challenge. Alpha is always looking for new, and vetted, pilots to augment its ranks. If you're looking for a good company with great matches then Alpha is your fit.


Company Lances: 

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