Commanding Officer:
Major Verfolger

Executive Officer:

Captain Randal Waide

Play style: Casual

Competitive Level: none

Role Play Oriented: Medium

FW Involvement: low

Drop Nights: Wednesdays 7:15P Eastern


Our roots run deep, as we were once the fabled Charlie Company Highland Chicken Chokers. Some of our members were there at the founding of the Aces Wild.


That being said, Bravo Company Black Watch proves that rednecks don't recognize latitude. Grab a drink and join us for drops, we are always glad to see you (you might pick up the next tab). We range from the frozen fjords of Canada, (I can call them fjords, look at this parrot!) down through the frozen fields of Ohio, deep into the south from Texas, Mississippi, (HAW, still remember the spelling rhyme), Carolinas and even into the dark insanity of Florida. Basically...


Have you ever seen Animal House? Add rednecks. And Beer.


We only have 1, ah no... 2 rules.


1) Drive what you want.

2) Don't follow Randal.



Company Lances: 

Designed by Black Phoenix, Calon Farstar, and the Aces Wild.
Please ask permisson to copy materials. 

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