Commanding Officer:
Major Jericho Jones

Executive Officer:

Captain Big Daddy Kong


Play style: Casual

Competitive Level: Semi

Role Play Oriented: Medium

FW Involvement: Medium

Drop Nights: Mondays and Thursdays 9:00Pm eastern


"The Forsaken" 

We at Charlie Company are dedicated to enjoying the game in all its aspects. Fly the mech you want to fly, build the load out you want to use. Let's come up with new and clever ways to make them work together. We strongly encourage participation in Faction Warfare and role-playing missions. We have a 4-lance roster, defined by mission roles. Assault, fire, fast attack, and force recon.


We play to objectives - the primary objective being to have fun.


When we learn to move and fight as one, then any pilot in any mech using any weapon can contribute to victory, and have a good time doing it.

Company Lances: