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Frontier Development Elite dangerous rules and  Code of Conduct are always in effect by default.


We are a coalition of Elite Dangerous Pilots that had thier start in Mechwarrior Online and other BattleTech Franchise based games and lore.   We created the colitoin and named it COMSTAR to pay homage to the BattleTechech company that contrled the Hyper Pulse Generators allowing for near instantaneous interstellar communications.  

Having a shared background and love for all things giant stompy robot and space related it is natural that we would have gravitated to eachother in Elite as well.   

COMSTAR's presence in Elite and BattleTech are not mutually exclusive however and we are open to other squadrons joining our coalition and supporting each other in Elite.  

We strive to cooperate and be support each others squadrons. To provide for the mutual defense if required or to help support expansion into other systems by our coalition members.  

We all believe that player factions who have entered a system first have right to it and will support that of other squadrons and our own members.   

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Elite Dangerous is a trademark of Frontier Developments plc.

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