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Commanding Officer:
Major Pipey8aq

Executive Officer:

Captain ser lucian

C5komYd (1).png

Play style: Casual

Competitive Level: Low

Role Play Oriented: high

FW Involvement: low

Drop Nights: Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm et


We as Delta Company have formed a group of players intent on bringing fun, teamwork and tactics together on the battlefield. We make this happen by recruiting and building up pilots who want to work together as a team, listen well and have a great time. A willingness to learn and execute lance formations and communication skills are a must. On drop nights we either do private skirmishes, practice our tactics in PUGs or cut loose and play fun private lobby games. What sets Delta apart from other companies in the Aces Wild is our dedication to the roleplaying aspect of our Merc Corp. Pilots who are interested in playing role-play missions are given an assigned mech that matches the theme and weight class of their lance. That mech sticks with them across various missions and campaigns. Victories result in payouts that can be used to purchase upgrades or new mechs, defeats can result in the loss of a mech. With the help of Command Group, we will at times help with events hosted by Aces Wild. Although this aspect of Delta Company is also not mandatory, we recognize that events help grow and solidify our community and do our best to make them successful. If Delta sounds like a good fit for you, swing by and give us a try!

Company Lances: 

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