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Commanding Officer:
Major Arkonent

Executive Officer:

Captain aqgadget

Cataphract awesome.png

Play style: Casual

Competitive Level: medium

Role Play Oriented: high

FW Involvement: none

Drop Nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00PM EST


The dapper gentlemen of Echo Company have chosen the name “The Horsemen” not only in reference to the role of a cavalry force to rapidly close in and crush their opposition but also after the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Historically Echo was created within the Aces Wild for those who wished to compete in community driven leagues and competitions but also maintain respect for their opponents and value sportsmanship. These days Echo serves as a company to build gameplay competency and assist players who strive to better their understanding of the game and the mechanics involved. Those who wish to join should possess humility, patience, a desire to learn, a passion for role play, and the ability to provide & receive constructive criticism.


We look to improve upon our fundamentals of combat and tactics. We strive for organization on and off the battlefield. We seek continual improvement in all roles, from drop commander to direct fire support. We will become a tight-knit group, but love to find others of like mind. We are the apocalypse as one. We are The Horsemen.

Company Lances: