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Enlistment Process



The following are the steps that need to be taken for an applicant to join the Aces Wild:

  • The Applicant must register on the forums.

  • The Applicant must submit a completed Enlistment Form.

  • By submitting an Enlistment Form, the Applicant is agreeing to everything listed in this section.

  • The Applicant must be 18 or older.  Exceptions are made for appicants who have a adult family member already in the unit. 

  • The enlistment form will be reviewed by the Regimental command staff and either approved or denied based on the information listed. If Denied, the applicant will be made aware of the reason and the enlistment form itself will be deleted five days later.

  • If Accepted, the applicant will be made a Cadet and added to the Site Roster in the Alegro Guard Probationary section.

  • The unit's Recruitment Officer will send them a welcome letter/pm which will brief them on the basics. There will be a set of questions attached/in the letter that the recruit will be required to answer before they can complete their Probationary period. The Cadet will be given probationary access to unit forums during this time.

  • Cadets will serve a probationary period of thirty days starting the day they are accepted. During this time it is up to the CDT's to drop with all the different Companies to see where they feel they would fit in best both play wise and time wise. During this thirty day period, cadets will not be made full members, will not be added to the in game roster and will have limited access to the website. 

  • After thirty days of being a Cadet they will be put into Awaiting Assignment and will have 2 weeks to find a company or be removed from the unit for failure to find a company.

  • Once accepted into a company they will automatically be promoted to JMW, be made a full member and given an invite to the in game roster.

  • Any CDT that is selected for full membership will have to select the faction that the unit is currently on contract with before being added to the in game roster. 


Make sure you meet the requirements for joining:


  • Discord VoIP Client and working microphone/speakers/headset. Discord is our main source of communication. You should be on Discord if you are playing MWO. Aces Wild Discord Link

  • Ensure you are not registered with any other units, clans, guilds, or communities within the Mechwarrior Online realm. We do not allow double clanning  of other MWO units in AW. Members are allowed to be a part of other units outside of MWO. However, the Aces Wild drill times and operations must take priority. 

  • You must be able to attend a weekly drop night and post on the site once every 2 weeks as per the minimum requirements of unit activity

  •  Also due to the direction that Faction Warfare has gone we have become a ture Mercenary Unit breaking away from our long history of being a Davion Loyalist. Due to this we recomend becoming a merc before your probationary period is up so that you can more easily join the Aces Wild.  We will always swing to the Davion cause if the gameplay is good and it is financially prudent.  We may also pick up contracts with other factions as needed. 


Additional Information:

  • This is a military simulation styled unit. We have ranks, a chain of command, and are organized into sub-units. As a result you must be willing to receive and execute orders and will have to comply with unit standards.

  • While being a Cadet, you should be getting to know the unit, settling in on the website, figuring out which type of battlefield role you like with us, and what Company you want to join that has open slots.

  • We try to keep a friendly attitude here. Each company within the Aces has its own tempo and feel. Some are very laid back, some are more hardcore.Try to find a Company that suits the environment you are looking for while being a cadet. 

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