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Commanding Officer:
Major Orange Dry

Executive Officer:

Captain Schwartz wolf


Play style: Competative

Competitive Level: High

Role Play Oriented: High

FW Involvement: None

Drop Nights: Wednesday and saturday 9pm EST


Based upon the fact that no battle plan lasts the first seconds of combat, every time you enter the battlefield you roll the dice and the battle becomes a gamble.  Only the lucky survive. Foxtrot Company is formed from the Waffle House team members during the 2019 ISC tournament. In forming Fox Co., we mean to turn our experience into a platform for the higher-level training of Aces Wild pilots. To do this we will recruit and train pilots interested in competitive play who are willing to learn, listen, and grow as a team and as a company. Participating members and cadets can expect to play in Group Queue, Private lobbies and against other comp teams in scrims. Pre-existing skill is not required. The traits we are looking for is an open mind, a willingness and ability to learn and a sense of humor. Everyone in Fox Co. is a student. Fox Co. will be organized by roles such as: Marksmen, Gunline, Skirmishers, Fast Responders, etc. These roles will be encouraged and drilled for use in Comp Play and team building. In the long-term Foxtrot hopes assist all of Aces Wild in fielding teams for every competitive event in the MWO and Aces Wild communities. Expect cooperation with Command Group, Allegro Guard, and other Companies to identify and grow AW Comp Teams. [F]

Company Lances: