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Commanding Officer:
Ktula matata

Executive Officer:

Captain ghostseeker


Play style: any

Competitive Level: High

Role Play Oriented: optional

FW Involvement: optional

Drop Nights: Wednesday's 9-12 ET

Description: When Fox Company was first reformed the new CO followed the works of Sun_Tzu; "No plan survives contact with the enemy". With the restructuring of Fox Co command we will uphold the spirit and traditions of the original Fox Company. We will strive to better ourselves from individual, lance & company levels. We will acquire the skills to adapt and win. If you join Fox and are interested in Faction or RP those options are still available, Fox will just not focus our efforts there. We will work with other companies in these areas and more so the option will always be there. We will show Pride in ourselves, Respect to our enemy but give no quarter. 

Company Lances: 

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