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You have made it to the Alegro Wildcats Starship Troopers: Extermination website. We are an offshoot of the Aces Wild MechWarrior Online Mercenary Unit. Those of us that lust for the blood of the Arachnid have put this Brigade together to Do Our Part. We welcome into our ranks soldiers from all branches (even Fleet) that are committed to the defense of Terrans and indeed all Humanity. Unlike most of the subdivisions of our mighty military, the Alegro Wildcats accept even civilian mercenaries into our ranks in order to get the job done and do our part together. We are all brothers and sisters in battle. We also welcome all who merely wish to experience the visceral thrill of ripping an Arachnid apart alive, and offer courses in proper vivisecting techniques for those interested. Do you want to know more?

While we are quite unconscionably cruel (if the Bugs were truly sentient and not the monstrosities they are, that is...) to the Arachnid menace, we value community and fun above all else. This is a game and we want to enjoy doing it. We are also very interested in teaching what we have learned about the game to new Citizens and will help them navigate the dangers of Valaka so they can also enjoy playing the game.

Do you want to know more? 
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