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New Cadet Welcome and basic instructions

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During your 30 day probationary period, you will be placed in the Alegro Guard, a section of the unit reserved for Cadets learning the basics of the Aces Wild.  You have access to the an area that offers materials and training for newer pilots looking to sharpen their skills.  

goal for the next 30 days should be to familiarize yourself with the rules and command structure of the Aces Wild, get to know the various companies, and learn how to navigate both this Website and Discord to ensure you can clearly communicate with the other pilots and your Chain of Command.

To-Do List:


Rules and Regulations Familiarization

Every organization needs structure and the details for our structure can be found in our rules and regulations.  We detail information on everything from our Code of Conduct to our activity requirements and how the promotion system works.  Learning the ins-and-outs of our rules and regulations will aid in your transition into the Aces Wild.

Rank Structure and Chain of Command Familiarization

The chain of command provides the control and communications necessary to accomplish the mission.  Each level in the chain is responsible for a lower level and accountable to all higher levels.  The key principle is to resolve problems and seek answers at the lowest possible ranked individual in your chain so that the higher levels are not overwhelmed with smaller issues that could be resolved at a lower level.

The Aces Wild are arranged to follow a single chain of command concept.  This provides a clear structure and allows for orders to flow from the highest levels of the unit t
o the most junior ranking warrior in an efficient manner.  The flow of information works in the opposite direction as well.  As a junior ranked MechWarrior, you can send information, ideas, and even complaints up the chain to the highest levels.  In general, unit personnel only give orders to those directly below them in the chain of command, and receive orders from only those directly above them.  For the next 30 days, your chain of command will look like this:


Regimental HQ:
Regimental CO - COL Calon
Regimental XO - COL Not Bob
Auxiliary Component:
AUXCOM CO and head Cadet Trainer - LTC Tamerlin
Phoenix Guard Staff - (various officers and trainers)
Alegro Guard Cadet Cadre:

Cadet (You


Your first point of contact should be LTC Tamerlin.  Once you select a company, your chain of command will change.

To understand how you and your fellow mechwarriors fit into the chain of command, you'll want to get familiar with our rank structure.  Doing so will teach you about each rank's roles and responsibilities within the Aces Wild.


Company Drill/Drop nights

During your 30 day probationary period, it’s important that you get to know the various companies and find one that suits your play style.  Some companies are geared towards competitive play or faction warfare, while others focus on other things such as in game events and casual play.  Each company has a different drill schedule.  Participation in drill is required once per week, so finding a company whose drill schedule matches up with your work schedule or real world obligations is ideal.

Drill and drop times vary, be sure to verify times on the events calendar (times are in Eastern Time) 


Check the Events Calendar

The calendar is located here and it will keep you informed of all regiment wide events to include drill nights, skirmishes, tournaments, RP events, training, and much more.  Checking the schedule frequently will allow you to be aware of and participate in events that interest you.


Join and Set Up Discord

Voice communication is a requirement for the Aces Wild so be sure to download Discord and join the Aces Wild server.  When you connect, set your nickname on Discord in accordance with the rules and regulations linked above (e.g., CDT Nickname).


Check Roster and Permissions

Be sure to double check your Discord permissions and that you are listed on the official roster.  Being on the roster ensures that your time spent in the Aces Wild towards finishing your probationary period and attaining time based ranks is accurately tracked.  Having the appropriate permissions will allow you to get access to areas of the Discord such as this which are needed to keep you up to date with Aces Wild events and drop nights. 


Be Active

As stated in the rules and regulations above, Cadets are expected to drop once per week just like the other companies.  Drop with as many companies as possible so you can find one that meets your play style and availability.

We also put a lot of important information on Discord, particularly the Dispatch Channel.  Be sure that you check regularly for information and updates.


Request a Company

As you near the end of your 30 days, you must fill out a form that will ask a few basic questions about how the Aces Wild operate and which company you would like to call home.  This must be done before you are allowed to join a company. 


Send us Feedback

You can send us anonymous feed back at this link.  You can let us know how you like the unit, what we are doing well, what we can improve, or call out our members for particular help they gave you or if they need to be recognized in anyway.  You can also use this to bring bad behavior to the attention of the Command Group.  

Now that you have all of the information that you need to get started with the Aces Wild, we hope to drop with you soon.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Alegro Guard command via Discord for any questions, comments, or concerns.



Can I talk to people who are sitting in company channels to ask if they want to drop?
Of course. Just be aware that they may be doing something specific to their company at the time and won't be able to.


Who do I need to talk to now that I have been accepted?
Start with LTC Tamerlin.  He is your Cadet Wrangler.  He will help you get orientated.


 Am I allowed to talk to officers?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. You will have to coordinate with them to pick a company to join down the line anyway.


Can I join company drop nights?
Yes. Please do!


How do I figure out which company to join?
Attend their drop times (listed on the Events page.) Figure out which company you like the best. It may be a difficult choice but remember, you can request to be transferred to a different company later if you want.


Can I get a tour of the beer hangar?
Who told you we have one! Heads will roll...


Am I permitted in Events and Competitive play?
Yes, you may.  However, if space is limited the unit members will get priority.  You will still be able to watch or listen in to the action!


Why can't I see all the Discord channels? 
You are currently a probationary member. There are some sections you can view but not post in and some sections you don't even know exist yet. This will change once you are granted full member status.


Do I have to drive a certain 'Mechs?
No! Pilot what you like. Once you join a company, you may be asked to be able to fulfill a specific role but even that isn't an "all the time" kind of thing.


What is expected of me as a Cadet? What are my responsibilities?
Expect to be active. Get to know us so we can get to know you. The more active you are daily the easier you will find it to find a company you enjoy.


What is expected of me if I am in a unit?
To follow the regulations listed in "Unit Rules" and meet the minimum activity requirements.


What can I expect of the officers over me?
The officers in the Aces Wild are here to lead in drops and organize the unit
outside of game to keep things moving smoothly. They will not tell you how to play in your normal every day play time. Our officers are carefully selected and you can always go to them for help with anything.

What can be done to support the Aces if I want? What options are available?
The most basic and important thing you can do is just be around! Manpower is very important to us at any given time and we know how busy everyone's real life is. We also appreciate donations to help support the website and other initiatives. Keep an eye out for those opportunities in the Dispatch Discord channel. 

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