The Aces Wild have struck a deal with the Outworlds Alliance. They've offered to give the Aces a large section of the planet Alegro with impunity to operate however they wish in exchange for protection for their boarder planets with the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine. The Aces Wild jump at the opportunity. Having easy access to the to the major houses while not being in the middle of the Inner Spheres ever-changing landscape would prove vital to the success of the Aces Wild. They would flourish during their time on Alegro. 


  • Aces Wild's Alegro Acedemy runs training missions with new Cadets. Recruitment is at an all-time high for the Aces Wild. AW Forces branch out from being a Battlemech focused force to becoming a multi-role militia force for the long-term protections of the Outworld Alliance's boarder planets. Tank, infantry, and aerospace units are created, trained, and deployed across the AO.

  • With the great influx of personnel, bandit and pirate grounds begin to target Alegro's largely undefended supply lines. The new and well equipped AW forces dispatch and eliminate the bandit forces with ease, ultimately ridding the planet of them by 3048. 

  • The purchase of two new drop ships would allow them to deploy in great numbers across their area of operation. 


The Alegro system was either settled by the Outworlds Alliance during the Star League era or was already inhabited and became significant enough for Inner Sphere nations to record on maps. During the Star League era, Alegro was a part of the Ramora Province within the Outworlds Alliance.

Currently Alegro is home to the Aces Wild, a regiment-sized mercenary unit that holds a long term contract with the Outworlds Alliance and is headquartered on the southern continent of the planet at their home base of operations known as "Fort O'Neill."

AW intel Note: Mi casa es u casa! Unless your a Drac then Fuck Off!




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