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 In 3071 Clan Snow Raven invaded the Outworld's alliance.   Eventually a merger between the alliance and the Snow Ravens resulted in the Raven Alliance.   During this conflict Aces Wild was one of the pivot points between the Alliance and the Ravens.  Putting up strong resistance on Alegro and fighting a last stand where Colonel Fay and many of the Alegro Guard fought to the last man in utter defiance of the invading Clan.   Snow Raven commanders were impressed with the spirit of the Aces Wild and the their determination to not go quietly into the night but fight with everything they had.  This helped in the ensuing negotiations as more Aces Wild forces arrived from off world lead by newly promoted Colonel Calon Farstar, a former Clan fore runner agent who came to the inner sphere with Snord's Irregulars.   Having knowledge of clan culture and protocol he was able to broker an alliance and contract with the newly formed Raven Alliance.   Surrounded by the Ravens but under contract the Aces Wild had a new life and waited to see how it would turn out.   Also true to Aces Wild ways one company of Aces mechs "failed to report in" and under secret orders from Calon Farstar  started gearing up for guerrilla warfare as needed in case things did not go as the Aces Wild wanted.  They setup their base of operations on the Planet Farstar ironically.   

Unfortunately peace was not to be had for long.....

To: Aces Wild Command Group

From: MAJ Bouncin, Delta Company CO


Oct 20, 3073 - First Contact


Unidentified forces burned toward Alegro at 2 G's from an unknown pirate point. AW Aerospace assets attempted to intercept and were destroyed. Contact was lost with the lunar HPG Manifold after two dropships split off from the advancing forces and seemingly landed on Alegro's main satellite. Sensors lose track of all but two of the remaining inbound Dropships, identified as Union Class. Oct 23, 3073 - Contested Charges The unidentified forces were en route to an abandoned resource camp about 300 km from Ft. O'Neill. Sensors reacquired one of the lost dropships, an Assault Triumph, leading AW Intel to believe the invaders may be Word of Blake. AW comms immediately sent out a cease and desist, as we had already paid our HPG Bill to ComStar, but were summarily ignored. Two lances of rapid response mechs met a Blakist Level 2 in the designated landing area, secured the zone, and managed to set up 5 Mobile SAM sites. Due to this early success, AW was able to down the two Union Dropships on sensors, plus an additional two Assault Triumphs before WoBbie Aerospace assets took them out. The WoBbies were able to land their remaining forces with no further contact from AW ground assets. This amounted to a Colossus Dropship with all 36 Mechs, 72 vehicles, and 12 infantry platoons, and another 24 'Mechs, 18 Fighters, 12 heavy vehicles, 16 platoons, and 20 Battle Armor squads on a Conqistador Command Ship. .(edited)


Oct 25, 3073 - Holding the Fort


AW Confirmed the intruders' identity as Word of Blake, and Ft. O'Neill mobilized all available AW mech assets to defend the Fort. Blakist forces attacked in two waves of six mechs each. The first wave was summarily wiped out, however, the second wave took the Fort, though they lost three mechs doing so. AW forces managed to withdraw in good order once AW intelligence finished torching sensitive data. Planetary defense forces retreated to the hidden secondary command center CG had constructed after the fiasco with the CSR invasion back in 3071. Oct 27 - Nov 4, 3073 - Guerrilla Warfare AW forces engaged in several raids and hit-and-run ambushes on WoBbie forces in the area. These actions robbed the WoBbies of a significant portion of their vehicle forces, and all of their Battle Armor assets, as well as destroying two level 2's. Meanwhile, AW Aerospace assets maintained air superiority, and the WoBbies continually failed to bring Ft. O'Neill's artillery batteries online. Distress signals were sent, but AW remained unaware if they had been recieved. .(edited)


Nov 9, 3073 - Home Sweet Home


AW planetary defense forces receive confirmation that reinforcements are inbound to a recently abandoned resource camp, and that Blakist forces are moving in to intercept. The remnants of AW's planetary forces moved in to defend the LZ until reinforcements arrived. With the majority of Blakist forces spread across the planet putting out minor but numerous rebellions (lead by AWPD in many instances), the reinforcements from Foxtrot, Echo, Delta, and one or two pilots from other Battalions, determined it would be a good time to try and retake the fort. However, they were repulsed by the small WoB garrison due to orders not to get shot out of their rides. During the commotion, two captured AW mechwarriors managed to steal mechs and escape, one in a modified Spider sporting a Null Signature System, and the other in a new (or possibly Lost) Cyclops design also equipped with a NSS and ECM. To everyone's surprise, the real MAJ Rhino was piloting the Cyclops. He was taken to medical, his identity verified biologically, and then treated for his months' worth of enduring torture. .(edited)


Nov 10, 3073 - Jan 10, 3074 - Continued Guerrilla Action and Farce Company Activities


AW forces struck several hard blows to the WoBbies while slipping away before the WoBbies could effectively retaliate. This depleted the resources of the Blakists precipitously and garnered AW the supplies they need to survive. Meanwhile, a "company" consisting of many volunteers from all 9 AW Companies, fought their way off of Tancredi IV through invading WoBbie forces, and headed to Alegro to find out what was going on. Farce company discovered that Blakists had seized control of the HPG, and commenced to fight several battles against the Blakists. Farce Company finally managed to get a message off world and rescue three of their pilots before pulling out to reinforce Alegro. On Alegro, Farce met up with the Remaining Planetary forces and fought their way past Blakist forces to join up with their beleaguered bretheren. .(edited)


Jan 11, 3074 - Blake Be Gone


Aces wild move to prevent the Blakists from leaving planet to gain reinforcements, while simultaneously moving to capture Ft. O'Neill. A lance of Echo Company, plus two other volunteers, along with a lance of Schreck PPC carriers, engaged the retreating Blakists in a small port city. While they failed their mission, and suffered devastating Mech losses, none of the mechwarriors were killed or seriously injured. The tank crews were not so fortunate. Meanwhile, A lance each of Delta and Foxtrot, along with a couple other volunteers and two tankers, advanced on Ft O'Neill. They managed to take out the WoB forces there, but not before most of the fort was razed to the ground. .(edited)


Jan 13, 3074 - Aftermath


The escaping blakists are confirmed to have picked up their bretheren at the HPG manifold, torched the place, and then headed to a pirate point. it is unkown if they will return en mass, but events outside of the OA lead AW intel to believe this will not happen. Ft. O'Neill is undergoing major restoration. Somehow, Doc Weathers' repair bays were spared major damage and are now working overtime on repairs to AW forces (free of charge... this time). Most of the salvage from the many battles was sold to pay for repairs to the rest of the base, as well as improvements not to be divulged in this report. Of the salvage left over, 8 mechs were placed into AW's inventory. That list can be accessed via the Depot. All mechwarriors were paid a small fortune for their efforts on Alegro, and may use this to upgrade their mechs, party like it's 2999, retire, vacation, or buy tacos from COL Not Bob (not recommended). End Report


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The Alegro system was either settled by the Outworlds Alliance during the Star League era or was already inhabited and became significant enough for Inner Sphere nations to record on maps. During the Star League era, Alegro was a part of the Ramora Province within the Outworlds Alliance.

Currently Alegro is home to the Aces Wild, a regiment-sized mercenary unit that holds a long term contract with the Outworlds Alliance and is headquartered on the southern continent of the planet at their home base of operations known as "Fort O'Neill."

AW intel Note: Mi casa es u casa! Unless your a Drac then Fuck Off!

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