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You have made it to the Aces Wild Aerospace Corps Elite Dangerous website.  We are an offshoot of the Aces Wild Mechwarrior Online Mercenary Unit.   Those of us that lust for the freedom of space travel have put this squadron together to get together and play among the stars.  We now welcome to our ranks commanders form all other sources as well that wish to join us in enjoying the many facets of the Elite Dangerous universe. 

We value community and fun above all else. This is a game and we want to enjoy doing it.  We are also very interested in teaching what we have learned about the game to new pilots and help them navigate the dangers of the universe so they can also enjoy playing the game. 

We are particularly active in supporting our minor faction the Aces Wild Aerospace Corporation based out of Bangyani system.  Our goal is to create a small but well regulated minor faction, thus carving out our section of the galaxy.  We have no intention of taking over any systems that are already occupied with another player factions.  We plan to be on good terms with our neighboring player factions and power play groups.  

We are also open to all other types of play from exploration, mining, trade, combat, and also pvp.  We currently have diversity in skill levels and look forward to incorporating more pilots into our squadron, at any level they may arrive with.  

We will not tolerate bad behavior of our pilots and we hold to a code of conduct that is outlined in the rules section of this website.  it is also expected that everyone maintain a certain level of activity or face removal from the squadron.   We are reasonable and if if somone cant be active all we ask is for them to communicate with squadron leadership of the absence.   



We use Discord for voice communications and will only accept the applications of new members who have come and played with us for a bit.  We also use Inara primarily to track pilot progress as well as our Minor Faction.  Use of both Discord and Inara is mandatory, and it is highly encouraged that you keep your Inara profile up to date as often as possible.   ED Market Connector is also highly encouraged and many of our pilots can help you set that up if you so chose. 

Still interested?  If so please join us on our discord (at top right of the page).  Stop in and and say hi.  If we are not there leave us a message.  We typically play in North American time zones from 4-10pm East Coast time.   We are looking forward to playing with you! 

If you were looking for our MWO community please use the icon below

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