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Frontier Code of
Our Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Frontier Development Elite dangerous rules and  Code of Conduct are always in effect by default.



Respect all unit members and other players we play with at all times. No discriminatory or abusive comments or actions will be tolerated in chat channels, voice comms, or posted material. Any infractions should be communicated through your chain of command. Ultimately, Squadron Command will review and take necessary action.


Excessive foul language or inappropriate terminology will not be tolerated. Highest ranking personnel in the channel has discretion for any situation that arises. Inara and Discord server are our home, treat them as such. Do not post inappropriate material on the site or in public chats as not everybody wants to see that kinda stuff. If you have to ask it's probably not appropriate, but if you have a question ask one of the Squadron Command. If there is a conflict between anyone in the unit they should bring it to their chain of command. If it needs to be brought higher it can be. The Squadron command will have the final word if necessary. If anyone is caught hacking our site, anyone else's site or any portion of the game they will be summarily removed from the Squadron. This also goes for any cheating of the game by the definitions of Frontier development. 

Breaking the Code of Conduct can result in being demoted or discharged from the Squadron. Any instance will be handled on a case by case basis. 



Officers are expected to exemplify the code of conduct at all times, including while playing Elite , using our voice servers, or while playing in other games, if it becomes known you are member of the Aces Wild. When you get promoted and have rank, you represent the Squadron on a much more profound level, no matter where you are. Please act accordingly. Infractions or behavior un-becoming an Aces Wild officer can result in demotion or discharge.  All officer behavior issues should be taken to the Squadron Command whom will determine the appropriate response/action.

Squadron rank is simple. We essentially have 3 ranks.  Squadron Command, Officers, and Pilots.   The exact terminology in Inara and in game may change but you these three basic categories determine your role in the unit. We want to keep this as simple as possible.   Rank will be given to pilots who show particular experience or aptitude to with the game as well as leadership and mentoring ability.  The Squadron Command will assign rank as they choose.  Rank is not to be used to command anyone around.  We are all pilots on the same team. Rank just denotes who has particular skills, knowledge, or capability within the Squadron.  And those that have donated extra time to ensuring the continued operation of the Squadron and minor faction. 

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