There is currently no active campaign on this planet. Background information to come - stay tuned! 

Alpheratz has been the capital world of the OWA and the later Raven Alliance. Alpheratz is home to the Alliance Executive Parliament and the largest weapons industry in the Alliance. On November 15, 3071, the capital city of Alpheratz, Famindas, was subject to a devastating terrorist attack when Omniss terrorists detonated a thermonuclear device in the heart of the city. In response to the attack, CSR declared its WarShips to be a safe haven for the Outworlds Alliance leadership. The explosion killed a hundred thousand people and wiped out the Alliance Executive Parliament and the central offices of the national administration and every government ministry. The strike was intended to disrupt the Outworlds Alliance by decapitating the national government, but that attempt failed; the terrorists - subsequently known to be catspaws of the Word of Blake - had intended the strike to be a mortal wound to the fabric of the Alliance, but instead, the people of the Alliance rallied to rebuild Alpheratz and the terrorist attack became a symbol of the resilience and determination of the Outworlds population.

The Snow Ravens became a major partner in the rebuilding on Alpheratz. 




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