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Dante II

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The Dante system is located near the Dindatari and Morthac systems and consists of a class K4V primary orbited by at least two planets. During the thirty-first century, a recharge station was in place at the system nadir jump point.


The Dante system was either colonized by the Outworlds Alliance during the Second Succession War or was an already-inhabited system that became prominent enough during this era for Inner Sphere nations to begin recording its location on maps. It was a center of the Omniss movement who reject all non-essential technologies and thus had no military to speak of, and no HPG throughout the Succession Wars era. Although still officially recorded as an Outworlds Alliance system during the FedCom Civil War and Jihad time periods, the inhabited planet in

the system was secretly annexed by the Word of Blake via a number of bandit proxies in 3062.

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9/15/3049 - 11/1/3049  Dante II Campaign

Draconis Combine launches a campaign to conquer Dante II due to it's value as an agricultural world.  Aces Wild 2nd Battalion is sent to repel the Dracs.

Notable Engagements

Part 1, “The Dragon Hungers”

9/15/3049 Anti-scouting engagement: 

Game Used: Mechwarrior Online

Map Used: Forest Colony Conquest

DCMS Scouts screen the forests and farmlands surrounding the spaceport in the capital city of Certaldo, gathering information on AW approach vectors and timetables.  This scenario was run using conquest game mode in MWO. If AW forces could keep the DCMS from capturing more than 1 point (Point had to be at least 1/2 way to fully capped), DCMS forces would be unaware of their imminent attack on the space port.  If two to three points were captured, the spaceport attack would be shortened to 15 minutes instead of 20, with Drack reinforcements powering up at 7.5 minutes into the scenario rather than 10. With 4 or more, the mission would only be 10 minutes long, and reinforcements would power up after 5 minutes.  The Drac scouts managed to cap 2 points.


9/15/3049 Attack on the Spaceport: 

Game Used: Mechwarrior Online

Map Used: River City Assault

AW forces approached the Drac position with the intent to drive them out of the city and liberate the prisoners and grain stores they had waiting to board a dropship.  Secondarily they were to eliminate the dracs before their reinforcements could power up. Due to an overeager drac shooting off PPCs at AW forces, the AW were able to zero in on the dracs, defeat them, and capture the drac reinforcements while their mechs were still powered down.


Part Two, “Dragons on the Wind”

10/5/3049 “Feint Hope”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Alpine Peaks Skirmish

After AW intel picked up enemy comms traffic in the northern mountains of the continent of Petrarch, 2nd Battalion sent Delta and Echo companies to hunt down the hidden DCMS forces.  The plan was to draw the battalion’s worth of dracs out with a smaller force, then smash them between Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot once their presence was confirmed. The two companies were only able to account for one company’s worth of DCMS forces after 10 days of hunting.


10/12/3049 “Furious Followup”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Crimson Strait Incursion (No energy nodes allowed, A.W. Defends)

A week after Delta and Echo left Privateers’ Port, located on the continent of Boccaccio, all A.W. comms at the base fail, with strong evidence of sabotage.  As techs work feverishly to restore communications, DCMS dropships burn in through the night skies as two companies of DCMS mechs are dropped off to eradicate the base along with all defenders.  Though arrayed against twice their number, Foxtrot company, lead by 2nd Batt CO LTC. Overman and Foxtrot CO MAJ Zarakynel, managed to hold the fort, at the cost of several lives and LTC Overman’s legs.


Part Three “Nest of Vipers”

10/20/3049 “Serpent’s Den”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Forest Colony Assault

2nd Batt recon teams track Drac forces back to an old, abandoned logging colony, and successfully identify the remaining Drac forces and their hideaway, though the Dracs did lay in ambush.  By capping OpFor’s point halfway, then successfully exfiltrating from their own map edge, AW forces were able to locate the last hidden location for the Drac forces on planet.


10/21/3049 - 11/1/3049 “Dante’s Doom”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Alpine Peaks Incursion, followed by Canyon Network Skirmish

Reports of inbound DCMS reinforcements force AW to launch an immediate assault upon the remaining Dracs on planet.  After a bloody battle, Echo and Foxtrot finish cleanup work in the Drac base while Delta is quick dropped directly into the path of fleeing Drac units, successfully eliminating them before they can find a new hole to await rescue in.  Upon learning of the complete loss of their on world forces, the DCMS pulls the reinforcements back, believing that taking the world would cost more in firepower than it would be worth. The good people of Dante’s Omniss Sect would once again be free to live their simple lives without the spectre of war and slavery hanging over their heads.

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