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Lushann has a semi-arctic global climate, but due to its former geologic past, it enjoys an abundance of oil deposits, of which the planet's primary industry -the petrochemical companies- take full advantage. Close to two-thirds of the population works for the industry, and Lushann is the largest source of petrochemicals in the Outworlds Alliance. The second largest industry is weapons manufacturing, as represented by Lushann Industries, which employs almost the remaining one third.The planet has four continents, Texas, Energia, Evergreen where the capital city Grimandi is located and Hellas. Most of the workers live in underground facilities to protect them against the forbidding temperatures. Those who live on the surface must do so under one of the many domes that protect the larger cities. Since life on Lushann can be bleak, every summer the capital city (Grimaldi) holds MechWarrior games. This is one of the few exceptions to the Alliance's

standing policy of forbidding non-Alliance military and paramilitary forces from entering the





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1/12/3051 - 3/3/3051 Lushann Campaign

While participating in the annual mechwarrior games on Lushann, a mixed group of AW pilots becomes embroiled in a fight with the 1st Genyosha as the 1st launches a surprise attack intent on seizing the planet’s oil resources for their greedy DCMS overlords.


Notable Engagements

1/12/3051 “The Grand Arena”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Frozen City Skirmish

Once a year, Lushann hosts Mechwarrior Games to boost local morale.  Due to low turnout in 3051, Lushann invited Aces Wild to send some contestants, all expenses paid.  A.W. voluntold several mechwarriors from multiple companies to attend, as the boost to reputation throughout their sector of the Outworlds Alliance could lead to better contract terms in the future.  

The Grand Arena event was held in an abandoned sector of Grimaldi, the capital city of Lushann and one of the only surface cities on the frigid planet.  Several contestants were placed throughout the area, preparing to fight it out with any and all they came across. The rules were simple: if it moved, and was not part of your own mech, shoot it until it stopped moving.

Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the 1st Genyosha had infiltrated the games, having bribed several pro-Kurita officials and blackmailed one or two others.  As the main event progressed, the Genyosha struck, and in the ensuing chaos drove the other mechwarriors off the field. CPT Benidem was blown out of his Cyclops and captured, and LT whtwlf lost her Centurion, a family heirloom, while performing rearguard action for the other contestants.  She was quickly recovered by locals, who led her to the rest of A.W., who were now leading the local militia in guerilla action against the Dracs.


1/20/3051 “Stranded on Lushann”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Alpine Peaks Skirmish

After local citizens located the POW camps where captured AW pilots were being held, CPT Jericho Jones, MW Zaszien, SMW MasterBlasterActual, and LT whtwlf (in a COM-2D), launched a rescue mission.  Upon arrival, they discover that CPT Benidem had managed to escape, free the other captives, and procured an apc (oddly shaped like an urbanmech) from some very careless Dracs. The rescue forces linked up with and escorted Benidem and the other POWs back to their hidden base.

Meanwhile, Aces Wild command taps MAJ bouncin to lead a hastily assembled Quick Response Force (QRF) composed of volunteers from throughout the Regiment to pin the Dracs in place until a proper liberation force can be assembled.  The QRF leaves for Lushann immediately.


2/9/3051 “Skirmish in the Snow”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Alpine Peaks Skirmish; Polar Highlands Skirmish, Frozen City Incursion

After safely gaining a foothold on Lushann, the QRF engaged the Dracs near their hidden base of operations (the mining town just beyond suicide ridge), driving them out.  The QRF then pursued the Dracs across the frozen tundra, but lost the trail in the snow storms, allowing the fleeing forces to reinforce Grimandi.

Hoping to bring the conflict to a swift and decisive end, The QRF launched an attack against Grimandi, but withdrew after suffering heavy losses.  This left both AW and the 1st Genyosha bruised, bloody, and battered.

Both forces continued to whittle away at each other over the course of a month, leading up to the final conflict of the campaign.


3/3/3051 “Frozen Rage”

Game Used: MWO

Map Used: Alpine Peaks Skirmish, Frozen City Incursion, Polar Highlands Skirmish

MAJ Bouncin lead the remaining elements of the WRF and the survivors of the Grand Arena against the remainder of the 1st Genyosha.  After several hard fought battles, AW forces successfully liberated Grimandi and hunted down the last dregs of the Genyosha.

AW left a liberated Lushann in OA hands,  with lot of salvage, their survivors, and captives in hand, amidst the cheers of a grateful (and very entertained) Lushann populace.

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