Date of Birth: 12/6/3022

Place of Birth: Robinson

Date of Death: 7/4/3071

Cause of Death: 'Mech combat against invading CSR forces on Alegro. However, no body was recovered.

Personal Information:

Date of Enlistment: N/A, Founder

Entry Rank: Major

Highest Rank Achieved: Colonel

Most Prominent Unit Assignment: Command Group

Background Information:

Justin Fay was of Nobel birth within the Federated Suns. From a young age, he was groomed to be a 'MechWarrior and would study at the Robinson Academy throughout his entire childhood. He grew up during the 4th succession war with the idea of glory through combat. Inheriting his fathers Enforcer ENF-4R, he would go on to join the Robinson Rangers and see combat during the war of 3039. He witnessed atrocities and became disgusted with the pettiness of the great houses of the Inner Sphere. Realizing it was just a matter of time until he would die "for country," he decided to strike out on his own and try to earn a living protecting civilians by running a security detail company. 

Through a series of events, he would end up forming a mercenary outfit with the help of a group of defectors coming from Able's Aces, a Lyran Alliance mercenary unit on its way down and fast. This mercenary outfit would eventually form into the Aces Wild as we know it today, Colonel Justin Fay at the helm until his death fighting Clan Snow Raven in the Outworlds Alliance decades later. 

Notable Battlemechs:

CHASSIS: CPLT-BP "Black Phoenix"

ARMORMENT: 2x Gauss Rifle, 4x Medium Laser

DESCRIPTION: It's unclear what connections Col. Fay had, but he was able to salvage a Catapult CPLT-K2 and have it heavily modified to be almost indistinguishable from its' original load out. A rare and very expensive modification was made to downgrade the engine of the 65 ton 'mech to allow for the weight of twin Gauss Rifles mounted in the side torsos. The PPCs, lost in the wreckage, were replaced by top of the line Medium Lasers and the small lasers were upgraded to Medium Lasers. The armor was thin, but the modifications allowed the Black Phoenix to command and support very effectively in battle.


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Calon Farstar

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Death: Still Active

Cause of Death: Still Active

Personal Information:

Date of Enlistment: September 11 3046

Entry Rank: Junior Mechwarrior

Highest Rank Achieved: Colonel

Most Prominent Unit Assignment:  Command Group
Notable Awards:  Aces Wild Commanders and Achievement Medals.  Gold Combat Badge. Mech Proficiency badge: Medium Chassis

Background Information:

All that is known about Calon Farstar is that he started his mercenary career with Snord's Irregulars sometime in 3035.  He left suddenly from the Irregulars in 3043. During that time he acquired his iconic and rare GRF-2N.  Being in possession of a mech kept him well employed as a lone mercenary for several years, seeing action with the Grave Walkers and Hansen's Roughriders, with which he fought during the war of 39 on Pike IV against the 5th Sword of light.  There he started developing a significant dislike for Kuritan forces.   He left the Rough Riders shortly after and joined the Grim Determination on Sarna where he thought quiet garrison duty would be a good break.  Sadly that was not in the cards.  The 12th Atrean Dragoons raided Sarna in 3046 and decimated the Grim Determination garrison forces.   Farstar's company was decimated except his recon lance that was able to out maneuver and cause significant damage to the Dragoons before they fled the planet.  Skill, speed, and luck kept his lance alive.   He left the decimated mercenary unit shortly after and upon recommendation from a fellow mercenary, who had hit up the Solaris VII arenas.  So he struck out to the Outworld's alliance and joined what at the time was a new start up unit called the Aces Wild, made up of former Robinson's Ranger Brigade and Able's Aces Pilots.  All who were looking for a new start, and better leadership.  Things that Farstar was also looking for.   When asked about his unusual last name his typical reply is: "Well I only had the first name and everyone asked me where I was from and I replied "from a star far away" so they started calling me "Farstar" and it stuck."  Following the death of Colonel Justin Fay he assumed the duties of the Aces wild Commanding Officer.  In this role he was instrumental negotiating peace with Clan Snow Raven. Having, as it turns out, extensive knowledge of Clan culture. 

Notable Battlemechs:



DESCRIPTION: This is the mech that Farstar had when he joined the Aces.  Its a rare SLDF Royal variant that is seldom seen in the inner sphere these days.  Prompting many questions of where a mercenary may have gotten possession of it.  Farstar jokes whenever asked about the mech and says; "Rhonda Snord was pretty good at  piloting mechs, salvaging lost tech, but bad at poker, unlike her father."   It is in good working order but does show scars and wear and tear from many battle fields.  It is painted in Aces Wild Command group colors with markings befitting one of the Aces command cadre. 


Honoring those who have shown steadfast dedication to Aces Wild Role-play by immortalizing them into our Lore. 

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 6/17/3025

Place of Birth: Lyceum

Date of Death: Still Active

Cause of Death: Still Active

Date of Enlistment: 10/15/3047

Entry Rank: Cadet

Highest Rank Achieved: Lieutenant Colonel

Most Prominent Unit Assignment: 2nd Bn Commander.

Background Information:

Timothy "Bouncin" MacBrian wasn't always a mercenary. In fact, had fate not intervened, he would be stationed with some unit in the FedCom, fighting the Clans or even dead. He grew up the son of a minor noble on the backwoods planet of Inner End. He would go on to train on New Avalon and fight for the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. He and his homeworld were attacked by DCMS forces for nothing more than to resupply for their war effort. His family was killed in the massacre and Timothy would leave his house faction to join the Aces Wild to avenge his family. In 3048, he would lose his families battlemech, a Centurion. His hatred for the DCMS was so fierce that he joined an Aces Wild infantry company for over a year until a new BattleMech became available. He would eventually be rewarded a Highlander HGN-732b, a very rare prize, for heroic actions he had taken on the field of battle as well as having some great connections with ranking members of the Aces Wild mercenary unit. 


Bouncin has since seen the Aces defend Dante II from the DCMS, engage a small Smoke Jaguar scouting force, and fought against the Combine on the planet of Lushann. He has renamed his lance the Revenants, and is currently trying to resurrect some of the traditions of the SLDF's Black Watch as a way of honoring his ancestors.

Notable Battlemechs:


ARMORMENT: 1x Gauss Rifle, 3x Medium Laser, 1x LRM-20+ArtemisIV, 1x SRM-6+ArtemisIV, Double Heat Sinks

DESCRIPTION: The Highlander is one of the most well-known Star League Defense Force assault 'Mechs, serving with distinction for almost two centuries since first entering service in 2592. Initially designed as a dedicated city and installation defender, the original model featured a variety of weaponry along with fifteen and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, but perhaps its most useful asset were the three Hildco jump jets giving it a jumping range of 90 meters. 


Date of Birth: 05/16/3042

Place of Birth: Tancredi IV

Date of Death: Still Active

Cause of Death: Still Active

Personal Information:

Date of Enlistment: 4/12/3070

Entry Rank: Junior MechWarrior

Highest Rank Achieved: Major

Most Prominent Unit Assignment:  CO Echo Company

Background Information:

Ivan was the Heir to the Barony of Zelienski.  He studied at the New Avalon Institute for Science, following in the steps of his predecessors, to prepare himself for his duties heading and running Z & I Enterprises.  Years spent in study and the practice of medicine to better understand the innovations in equipment necessary to improve the medical community.  His family ruled and lived on Belladonna III, taking advantage of their close proximity to New Avalon to increase their access to the newest ideas in medical technology advancement.


Due to some… “disagreements” on policies inside of the NAIS and a bit of an aggressive exit, he accepted his early retirement and was forced out of his title by his family.  The only things he managed to take with him were his Mech, and his medical knowledge..


He hired on to Aces Wild and brought his baby in for his first mission, and with the Potato Vodka enthused bravery, valiantly held off multiple enemy lances for long enough to allow all but one other pilot to escape.  He also managed to lose an arm and survive days of torture before rescue.  He rented a mech and performed many more missions with Aces Wild, showing such courage (in yet another mech explosion) that Col. Calon Farstar rewarded him with a mech of his choice from the Mechyard.  It is rumored that more of Ivan is prosthetic than real.

Notable Battlemechs:

CHASSIS: ARC-2R (variant)


DESCRIPTION: Ivan saved up for this mech and some great modifications.  The armor placement of this mech has been modified, along with the addition of ammo, heat sinks, and LRM 15’s in leu of 20’s.  He also eventually was able to add ECM to it.  This Archer can be seen on the front lines of Aces Wild battlefields firing an unending stream of LRM’s and popping mechs with the Medium Lasers.